Ever have your car stolen?

Mine was stolen last month from my Condominium and let me tell you I’m enraged!!.

Being one of the well known Society of Gurgaon, our society facility management has mandated RFID tags on each car in last December.
We were very excited to see automatically opening of boom barrier once car comes in the range. The convenience and automation it brings to the residents is phenomenal.

23rd night instance created few questions in my mind.

  • How the automatic boom barrier system allowed illegitimate exit of the car from the gate?
  • Why the system was not able to alert in case when car is exited?
  • Why we don’t have a mechanism to disable exit as per our wish?

Last Saturday, I was in Noida at my friend Sagar’s house for a get together. My car theft was obviously the central topic on that evening. Sagar told that he can disable the automatic boom barrier operation from his iPhone. All of us were thrilled to know how his iSocietyManager App

  • Disable boom barrier access for the Car
  • Notify on the phone about each entry / exit
  • Facility can track records of entry/ exit over internet.

Sagar told that he can mark the default odd hours in the app during which if his car will come in the range of boom barrier RFID reader two actions will be taken

  1. Alert Message on his mobile
  2. Boom barrier will not open automatically

We enjoyed the dinner while discussing how technology is touching our lives. Now we have control in our Palm – Mobile.
I have recommended iSocietyManager to our management. Soon will see advanced society manager app in my phone also.

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