QR Codes are ubiquitous now a days. Whether we make payments or we need to track assets, or inventories, QR codes are everywhere. Yesterday while returning from office, I was buying oranges. The fruit seller asked me – Phone Pe se scan karo bhaiyaa ( Scan with Phone Pe and pay).

QR Code  can hold relevant data which is not readable by human eye but App can recognize that in no time. With mobile becoming more and more powerful day by day, Systems are exploiting QR Code to bring effectiveness.


In our condominium, whenever any visitor like courier or delivery  person comes, the Visit slip is printed and attached to his visitor card. The visitor slip contains details like

  • Visitor details – Name etc
  • Visitor Photo
  • QR Code

It’s mandatory for the visitor to wear the visitor badge. At the entry of Tower gate, the Guard with iSocietyManager App in the phone and scan the QR code from the Visitor Slip. If Visitor is authorized for that Tower, the App marks entry other wise entry is marked as invalid.

It’s so easy to use for the guard without any need of text entry. This simplification increases security as the Visitor will be able to enter only in designated tower.

Few benefits we are getting from Visitor Slip with QR code are:

  • Identify visitors as they will be wearing Visitor Badge
  • Legitimate visitor entries at tower level
  • Ease of use for the Guard
  • Increased security with photo and visitor number captured
  • Low cost as visitors are given paper slips.

I have seen in offices where QR Code are sent on Visitor Mobile. Visitor show the QR Code image from his mobile and turnstile open only if Visitor is legitimate for the floor or office.

How tower level security is maintained in your community? Please share your comments.

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