Worried if your maid is coming today! Get iSocietyManager App and track your maids effortlessly

Residents using iSocietyManager Mobile app get notified whenever their maid or domestic help enters or exit their condominium.

Maid Tracking


After login in your iSocietyManager app, the Staff  UI can be used to

  • View list of all your staff
  • See attendance history of your maid etc.
  • Check current status – if Inside or Outside your complex.
  • Rate and share feedback
  • Contact details of your maid
  • Release Staff, if no more working with you.
  • Associate new Staff from the list of verified staff by your facility team.

Click here to watch Video to know how it works.

iSocietyManager provides different options for attendance tracking:

  • Face Recognition
  • Bio-metric Device
  •  RF ID
  • QR Code

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